About Me

Core skills
Intercultural training for companies, institutions and individuals who want to establish contacts with and in Japan or who want to integrate Japanese employees into their company or institution.

Workshop languages

Industry focus
Corporate, Premier League, culture, politics


  • President of the German-Japanese Society Hannover Chado-Kai e.V.
  • Intercultural trainer for Japan and Germany
  • Language and intercultural training for Japanese people
  • Conducting lectures, webinars, seminars and workshops on intercultural topics about Japan and Germany

My Motto
‘Always one thing of impossibility after another.’


  • PhD in Literature
  • Learning the Japanese language at the Japanese Cultural Institute Cologne and in Japan
  • 25 years of intensive intercultural competency with the focus on Japan and Germany


  • Japan still exerts a mystical attraction on visitors and business travelers. The language and writing, the design of cities and the landscape, and the manners are noticeably

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