About Me

Core competencies
Intercultural communication, tactful language, cultural knowledge expert for Canada, passion for preparing presentations for an international audience

Workshop languages

Industry focus
I focus on the needs of my individual client, regardless of the sector they work in.


  • Freelance English and Intercultural Trainer
  • Experienced expat with relevant working and living experience in 4 different countries
  • Talented in building rapport with individuals, regardless of their background
  • Passionate about presentations for an international audience
  • Focused on supporting clients to develop tools to communicate appropriately and effectively

My Motto
‚You are braver than you think.‘


  • Long-year, experienced and highly appreciated trainer for Natural language solutions GmbH and Natural business solutions GmbH
  • TESOL-certified
  • CELTA-certified
  • LL.M., B.A. (Hons)


  • The higher up you move in your career, the more you’ll be expected to communicate your ideas powerfully and clearly to groups. Giving an effective presentation can be

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  • Tact is the ability to communicate sincerely in a way that considers other people’s feelings and reactions. Mastery of tactful language ranges from the appropriate use

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  • Presentations can be tricky, cross-cultural communication can be a minefield, and a mix of the two – giving presentations to a cross-cultural audience can be challenging

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