About Me

Core skills
Executive communication for leaders and negotiation experts; leadership training; empowerment coaching; customer-oriented communication; intercultural cooperation; personal development; change management, and legal communication training

Workshop languages

Industry focus
International Law, Banking, Real Estate, Scientific Moderation, Logistics, Tax Advising, Sales & Purchasing, Automotive Industry, Trade, Construction Industry, Food Flavoring Industry, Data Security, Marketing


  • Freelance communication and language trainer
  • Freelance paralegal
  • Experienced manager and business consultant
  • Independent business owner

My Motto
‘Your success starts with you!‘


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)—Strayer University, USA
  • Bachelor of Business Administration—Strayer University, USA
  • TEFL/TESOL Certification—International TEFL Academy, USA
  • Six Sigma (Lean Management) Certification—Management & Strategy Institute, USA
  • Business & Corporate Law Certification—Blackstone Institute, USA
  • Civil Litigation Certification—Blackstone Institute, USA
  • Criminal Law & Procedure—Blackstone Institute, USA
  • Paralegal Diploma—Blackstone Institute, USA


  • In an environment with a high level of responsibility, managers and professional experts make decisions that are profound and far-reaching. Whether you lead meetings or

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