About Me

Core skills
The core of my work is the dialog. I connect individuals, build a foundation to initiate and implement change processes to develop (business) ideas, find solutions, deepen knowledge or broaden horizons.


  • “Ideen -Dinner®”
  • Company Barcamp (main focus: shaping the future & company culture
  • Sparring
  • „Philosopherei“ (philosophical salon)
  • Virtual small group discussions

Workshop languages

Industry focus
Auditing/ Tax consultancy, healthcare system, medical engineering, manufacturing industry, tourism, business development, administration


  • Owner and Managing Director of WALDLICHTUNG – connection and inspiration
  • Dialog creator and host for on-site and online events
  • Moderation
  • 10 years of work experience in tourism, with focus on communication and innovation
  • International experience (work and university) in Australia, UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Cyprus
  • Aware of the interpersonal connections, agile on the meta-level, and alert for the connections and solutions
  • I create communicative connections within a company to improve the exchange of knowledge and to improve self-responsibility

My Motto
‘One only sees trees – problems one by one.
The other sees in-between spaces – and the light.’ (Matani)


  • Becoming: Coach, Progressio Consulting GmbH (2020-2021)
  • Trained mediator, LeineMediatoren GmbH
  • Trained DesignThinking Coach
  • Training by “Kreatives Unternehmertum” Knowmads Business School Amsterdam
  • Certified Event Manager (Institute of Trade and Commerce)


  • Description Develop your intercultural competence and learn deep about Polish business culture! New technologies provide greater opportunities in globalization for businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, the biggest obstacles in international business are issues caused by cross-cultural differences. How is trust built differently in various cultures? What is the most constructive way to provide feedback? Aspects [...]

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