About Me

Core skills
The core of my work is the dialog. I connect individuals, build a foundation to initiate and implement change processes to develop (business) ideas, find solutions, deepen knowledge or broaden horizons.


  • “Ideen -Dinner®”
  • Company Barcamp (main focus: shaping the future & company culture
  • Sparring
  • „Philosopherei“ (philosophical salon)
  • Virtual small group discussions

Workshop languages

Industry focus
Auditing/ Tax consultancy, healthcare system, medical engineering, manufacturing industry, tourism, business development, administration


  • Owner and Managing Director of WALDLICHTUNG – connection and inspiration
  • Dialog creator and host for on-site and online events
  • Moderation
  • 10 years of work experience in tourism, with focus on communication and innovation
  • International experience (work and university) in Australia, UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Cyprus
  • Aware of the interpersonal connections, agile on the meta-level, and alert for the connections and solutions
  • I create communicative connections within a company to improve the exchange of knowledge and to improve self-responsibility

My Motto
‘One only sees trees – problems one by one.
The other sees in-between spaces – and the light.’ (Matani)


  • Becoming: Coach, Progressio Consulting GmbH (2020-2021)
  • Trained mediator, LeineMediatoren GmbH
  • Trained DesignThinking Coach
  • Training by “Kreatives Unternehmertum” Knowmads Business School Amsterdam
  • Certified Event Manager (Institute of Trade and Commerce)