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  • Shaping and steering the talk is a duty any committed meeting participant should undertake regardless of their position in that meeting. Our expert at Natural business

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  • Today’s global workforce makes it more important than ever for employees to understand subtle cultural nuances. The impact of your own natural being ideally changes when

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  • When the best experts in the workplace become reflected trainers, exponential growth is unlimited. This ‘Training the Trainer’ course is designed to benefit corporations

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  • We are all wired differently and give and receive information in different ways: our preference in terms of structure, level of detail, storytelling, etc. are quite personal.

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  • Using small talk helps you win socially, professionally and strategically in many places. Although some cultures may see it differently, small talk and casual chit-chat

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  • A conversation with one good communication driver is laid out for success; when at least one more communication driver steps in, it is bound to be fun, too! Designing the

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  • Do we truly understand what our customer wants, or do we define that for them? When does our customer really feel understood? Effective customer communication is essential

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  • The world is online! More than ever, professional communication takes place in virtual spaces. Your communication skills as an expert and/or manager are the success factors

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