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  • Shaping and steering the talk is a duty any committed meeting participant should undertake regardless of their position in that meeting. Our expert at Natural business solutions GmbH will train you to enhance the quality of your business interactions and mindset. Also, we coach you how to act as a communication driver from all hierarchical positions. Register now to get the best business communication training for professionals in Germany.

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  • Today’s global workforce makes it more important than ever for employees to understand subtle cultural nuances. The impact of your own natural being ideally changes when you move in a foreign language. The personal authenticity is non-negotiable. Still, there are verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal elements to be trained, stretched and altered. In the ‘Awakening your International Avatar’ course, our experts at Natural business solutions GmbH train you to thrive in the international workplace.

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  • When the best experts in the workplace become reflected trainers, exponential growth is unlimited. This ‘Training the Trainer’ course is designed to benefit corporations and maximize the expertise that is innately present among your experts. The course aims at helping you as a professional expert to develop, organize, and deliver effective training and assess the success of your own training modules. Booking this course will turn you into a great trainer. With our expert’s guidance, you can maximize the knowledge present in your organization and in your portfolio and train the rest…as one of the best!

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  • We are all wired differently and give and receive information in different ways: our preference in terms of structure, level of detail, storytelling, etc. are quite personal. These differences in communication make business interactions challenging and demanding. To be an effective communicator, you have to tailor your content and delivery to the needs of your recipients. Our experts train you to customize your communication according to people’s personalities their specific communication needs and also their respective cultural background.

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  • Using small talk helps you win socially, professionally and strategically in many places. Although some cultures may see it differently, small talk and casual chit-chat are essential for business and career success. It helps to connect well with colleagues and potential clients. This small talk training course facilitates your career advancement. Good networking skills open doors to great opportunities.

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  • A conversation with one good communication driver is laid out for success; when at least one more communication driver steps in, it is bound to be fun, too! Designing the dialogue already starts with defining and aligning the goals and determining the depth and length of the contributions. Allowing all voices to speak up and share their intentions and ideas is another pivotal part of the talk’s success. The toolset of a communication driver is versatile and will be provided to you in a structured and practical way by our experts at Natural business solutions GmbH.

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  • Do we truly understand what our customer wants, or do we define that for them? When does our customer really feel understood? Effective customer communication is essential to the success of any business. The ‘Customer-oriented Communication’ course of Natural business solutions explains how to recognize the different customer types and identify their needs more accurately. It also explains teaches you how to adapt your personal communication style to your customer’s and create deep understanding and sustainable customer satisfaction.

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  • The world is online! More than ever, professional communication takes place in virtual spaces. Your communication skills as an expert and/or manager are the success factors in your projects, for your teams and eventually for your business. The requirements for unambiguity, clarity, structure in communication and quality of results have not changed. On the contrary, their importance has risen substantially. This practical online workshop offers you a variety of practical methods and techniques to make your virtual communication truly ‘virtuoso’. Register now at Natural business solutions GmbH and enhance your virtual communication skills in Germany.

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