The world is online! More than ever, professional communication takes place in virtual spaces. Your communication skills as an expert and/or manager are the success factor in your projects, for your teams and eventually for your business prosperity. The requirements for unambiguity, clarity, structure in communication and quality of results have not changed. On the contrary, their importance has risen substantially. This practical online workshop offers you a variety of practical methods and techniques to make your virtual communication truly ‘virtuoso’.



  • Awareness of your own virtual appearance
  • Increasing the impact of your own virtual appearance
  • Effectively designing virtual communication with your business and conversation partners



  • Differences between analog and virtual communication
  • Compensation techniques for the losses in analog communication
  • Role and attitude as a dialogue designer (‘Communication Driver’)
  • Reflection on your own virtual appearance
  • Technical set-up for moderators and participants/listeners
  • Psychological safety for moderator and participants/listeners
  • Activation techniques for a focused audience
  • Leading the virtual conversation: challenges and techniques
  • Appropriate use of breaks and silence, synchronization pacing, conversation momentum
  • From importance to urgency to commitment – sustainable results of online interactions


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