In this digitalized and technology-based era, improve your business impact with effective virtual communication!

The world is online! More than ever, professional communication takes place in virtual spaces. Your communication skills as an expert and/or manager are the success factors in your projects, for your teams and eventually for your business. The requirements for unambiguity, clarity, structure in communication and quality of results have not changed. On the contrary, their importance has risen substantially. This practical online workshop offers you a variety of practical methods and techniques to make your virtual communication truly ‘virtuoso’.

Course outline

What’s covered

  • Difference between analog and virtual communication
  • Compensation techniques for the losses in analog communication
  • Role and attitude as a virtual communication driver
  • Reflection on your own virtual appearance
  • Technical set-up for moderators and participants/listeners
  • Psychological safety for moderators and participants/listeners
  • Activation techniques for a focused audience
  • Leading the virtual conversation: challenges and techniques
  • Appropriate use of breaks and silence, synchronization pacing, conversation momentum
  • From importance to urgency to commitment – sustainable results of online interactions
  • Virtual communication etiquette
  • Planning techniques for virtual meetings and how to be responsive
  • How to be heard during virtual conversations and build remote teams


In this course, you will learn to communicate effectively in a virtual environment and address the complexities inherent to online communication that are largely absent from face-to-face communication. You will learn how to create impactful virtual interactions, with guidelines on how to set up your technical equipment, adjust your camera, and focus on your participants’ paraverbal (‘voice’) qualities to establish real connections online. We also focus on the specific difficulties you face and train you to engage, interact, and reach your business goals.


In this course, learners will

  • Develop an understanding of tone of voice and how it affects virtual communication
  • Increase the awareness of their own virtual appearance
  • Increase the impact of their own virtual appearance
  • Learn how to deal with challenging questions in a responsive and decisive way
  • Learn how to effectively design virtual communication with their business and conversation partners
  • Explore different virtual planning strategies for a seamless virtual experience
  • Work through several real-world scenarios and analyze the results to improve communication

Who is this course for?

Executives, managers, salespeople and trainers who are working remotely, and business personnel who regularly attend online meetings.



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