Let your best train the rest!

When the best experts in the workplace become reflected trainers, exponential growth is unlimited. This ‘Training the Trainer’ course is designed to benefit corporations and maximize the expertise that is innately present among your experts. The course aims at helping you as a professional expert to develop, organize, and deliver effective training and assess the success of your own training modules. Benefit from our trainer’s 20+ years of in-depth national and international training experience, get inspired by her groundbreaking tips and methods, and apply your newly acquired knowledge to your professional work and performance as a professional trainer.

Course outline

What’s covered

  • Mindset and role as corporate host, ambassador and trainer
  • The principles of adult learning
  • How do people learn? Recognizing learner types and their difficulties
  • Success factors of effective training for each learner type
  • Participant-centered training: Purpose, goal and methods for each of your training units
  • Structural and flow elements to engage your learners
  • Techniques for clarity and successful implementation
  • Transfer to your professional world


As a participant, you learn techniques to keep your own learners interested and motivated. This empowers you to deliver training with maximum impact. Booking this course will turn you into a great trainer. With our expert’s guidance, you can maximize the knowledge present in your organization and in your portfolio and train the rest…as one of the best!


At the end of the course, participants will be able to

  • Design an appropriate training course for adult learners
  • Manage the learner and the classroom environment
  • Improve communication and presentation skills
  • Apply adult learning theories
  • Prepare an effective and clear course structure
  • Prepare participant-centered learning material and activities
  • Engage with different types of learners
  • Deliver training by using training activities for different learning needs
  • Present material in a clear and engaging manner
  • Developing specific and appropriate on-the-job and off-the-job training
  • Create clearly written instructions and assessment criteria to assess the learning
  • Address challenging participants, questions, and behavior
  • Receive and provide effective feedback
  • Create evaluation forms and develop techniques to ensure application after the course completion

Who is this course for?

Training managers, professional trainers, experienced professionals, and anyone who wants to become a better trainer and facilitator.



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