Discover the true potential of small talk. It is some of the biggest talk you’ll do!

Small talk is often frowned upon; for some, it is a waste of time, superficial, irrelevant and trivial. In some cultural circles, small talk is the first thing to be omitted in professional discussion and calls.

However, small talk is some of the biggest talk you will do! The potential of this communication technique is three-fold: train and use small talk and you will win socially, professionally and strategically in your business interactions.

Course outline

What’s covered

  • Identifying 3 potential gains of small talk
  • Developing a conversation with a positive, up-beat tone
  • Recognizing appropriate topics in the context of intercultural cooperation
  • Structure, flow and phrases for effective small talk
  • Selecting appropriate word choice, tone, social distance and the effect of priming
  • Understanding the strategic impact on the quality of the intended business interaction
  • Applying strategic small talk


This small talk training course facilitates your career advancement. It helps you to connect well with colleagues and potential clients. Although some cultures may see it differently, small talk and casual chit-chat are essential for business and career success. Good networking skills open doors to great opportunities.


At the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Use small talk in business situations in a relaxed manner
  • Approach others with topics and points for discussion and small talk
  • Make a good first impression
  • Develop the intended conversation
  • Understand the importance of small talk in an international setting

Who is this course for?

Any professional who wants to improve the quality of their business conversations and relationships.



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