The powerful presentations that lead to success are always understandable, memorable and emotional!

As an executive and expert in your field, you need to make presentations, whether formal or informal, one-to-one or to a group. It is important that your audience understands your message, but you don’t have to be a great orator to achieve this. The higher up you move in your career, the more you’ll be expected to communicate your ideas powerfully and clearly to groups. As a part of professional excellence, Natural business solutions GmbH has designed a powerful presentation training course. We train professionals who conduct presentations regularly on, “How to give a powerful presentation”.

Giving an effective presentation can be challenging! Saying a few words before a meeting or making a formal presentation to the board or the company at large requires tailoring your message and your wording to your target audience. Our experts coach you to strategize the business facts, monitor your own presentation performance, and align a winning communication style to convey YOU are in charge, credible and confident. Building on our international presentation curriculum we also place focus on particular issues raised by our clients and empower them to deliver powerfully in the specific business contexts they move in. Our aim is to empower you to present yourself and your message convincingly.

Course outline

What’s covered

  • Audience profiling and speaker qualification
  • Captivating introductions
  • Selecting and structuring your content – leading your audience
  • Enhancing the persuasive quality of your message
  • Creating a peak end
  • Dealing with the challenging questions
  • Powerful presentation strategies and techniques
  • How to customize according to the audience
  • Mindset & behavior training


After completing this course, you will have improved your oral presentation skills, empowered yourself to speak more effectively when running staff meetings or presenting to internal or external clients. You will have significantly enhanced your presentation skills and increased your value to your respective organization. You will have improved substantially in planning, preparing and delivering a speech. Gained knowledge on using the voice effectively as an instrument of influence. Achieved the desired results by engaging your audience and involving them in the decision-making process.


You will learn how to better

  • Understand the audience’s needs
  • Probe for problem areas
  • Engage listeners from the start
  • Organize the presentation for impact
  • Project control and confidence
  • Overcome stage fright
  • Use eye contact to establish rapport
  • Use vocal dynamics to create credibility
  • Use body movement to convey confidence
  • Highlight key points with gestures
  • Convey data without boring the audience
  • Use persuasive communication techniques
  • Heighten interest by highlighting benefits
  • Use PowerPoint, brochures and other visual media
  • Overcome client objections
  • Engage listeners continuously
  • Handle challenging questions

Who is this course for?

Executives, managers, salespeople, trainers and those who want to acquire or improve their presentation skills. This course will help you gain confidence and develop the skills to address any audience successfully.




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