Politeness and respect are the keys to a positive workplace!

Politeness is an important aspect of communication that varies from culture to culture. It can be influenced by many factors such as the relative power of the participants, the degree of social distance, or the personal or intercultural notion of tact and respect. Due to these differences, expressions that may be considered polite in one culture may be taken as rude in another, or they might lead to misunderstandings and communicative difficulties during international interactions. In a business context, it is therefore essential to understand, learn and apply codes of politeness. Natural business solutions GmbH has an encompassing ‘Politeness Implicature’ course to reflect upon and enhance your international communication in your international projects.

Politeness may a balancing act between clarity and saving our own or our partner’s face. It requires a learning effort to being courteous, especially while under pressure and in intercultural settings. We train you to understand implied meaning and masterfully apply the techniques to meet the international standard of politeness. Our experts help you understand the intercultural notions of politeness in the global workplace and how to effectively meet the politeness code.

Course outline

What’s covered

  • Your personal attitude in politeness
  • Parameters of the international politeness code
  • Politeness implicature in 3 communication channels (verbal, non-verbal, paraverbal)
  • Intended politeness according to cultural contexts
  • Semantic and grammatical structures of implied meaning


More than just a matter of etiquette, politeness empowers your collaboration with others at work. After finishing this course, you will be able to

  • Identify the parameters of politeness of your business partners and yourself
  • Recognize and apply implied meaning
  • Reformulate your message in an appropriate, respectful manner
  • Move towards your business goals without pitfalls


This course conveys

  • Knowledge about concept of politeness – intercultural and personal
  • How to identify parameters of politeness
  • Learning linguistic formats of respect, tact and diplomacy
  • How to deal with low-context and high-context codes of politeness

Who is this course for?

Anyone aspiring to act tactfully, professionally and respectfully in their international project and teamwork.



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