Moin, guten Tag, Grüß Gott!

Germany has a strong reputation abroad and is a valued, productive and sought-after partner in the world market. When working with Germans, international colleagues and employees are amazed: the level of formality, the particular sense of humour and not least the direct communication should be understood and appreciated in the specific context. The insights conveyed in the workshop sharpen one’s own eye for the needs of German business partners and defuse any areas of tension that may already have arisen in the interaction. Or as they say in Germany: ‘Preparation is half the battle’!



  • Identify, understand and use intercultural barriers as an opportunity
  • Reflect self-perception and compare with intercultural perception; stereotypes
  • Deepen knowledge and understanding of German social manners and business culture
  • Optimize communication with German colleagues, employees, business partners



  • Values and norms of the German society: relevant political, religious, philosophical and social aspects
  • Social and business manners, notion of social distance
  • Hierarchy and leadership concepts; heroes, symbols, rituals
  • Knowledge and process transfer, learning and error behaviour
  • Time culture: punctuality, appointments and arrangements
  • Shaping business interactions successfully: meetings, business negotiations, contracts, …
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Networking, socializing and trust-building
  • Self-initiative, motivation, feedback and criticism
  • Sources of conflict and tension in business behaviour and communication and solutions
  • Expectation management of both intercultural partie


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German, English ...

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