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The business cooperation with Canadians deserves a professional and filigree preparation. They are known to be tolerant and understanding; however, they themselves appreciate it very much if they are treated politely and respectfully. Polish your business communication in English or French and shine in meetings with appropriate tonality and a tailored appearance.

Your workshop is tailor-made; every new insight gained is relevant to your upcoming professional challenge.



  • Identify, understand and use intercultural barriers as an opportunity
  • Reflect self-perception and compare with intercultural perception; stereotypes
  • Deepen knowledge and understanding of Canadian social manners and business culture
  • Optimize communication with Canadian colleagues, employees and business partners



  • Values and norms of the Canadian society: relevant political, religious, philosophical and social aspects
  • Social and business manners, notion of social distance
  • Hierarchy and leadership concepts; heroes, symbols, rituals
  • Knowledge and process transfer, learning and error behaviour
  • Time culture: punctuality, appointments and arrangements
  • Shaping business interactions successfully: meetings, business negotiations, contracts, …
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Networking, socializing and trust-building
  • Self-initiative, motivation, feedback and criticism
  • Sources of conflict and tension in business behaviour and communication and solutions
  • Expectation management of both intercultural parties
  • Business manners in French Canada


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