Facilitation skills are an essential success factor for effective meetings!

Simplifying information, adding missing facts and revealing correlations is an indispensable resource in complex meetings and interactions, especially if the partners have a very different view on the topic or a differentiated level of knowledge. Moderators with this ability are excellent at bridging the gaps, preventing misunderstandings and leading to a common outcome.

Course outline

What’s covered

  • Gap analysis between the initial understanding and the deliverables
  • Techniques to optimize comprehension and contribution on an equal footing
  • Bridging the gap between the language skills of users with different language levels
  • Moderation of intangible factors: pacing, flow conversational depth
  • Insight into the cultural difference and expectations of German and international participants in deep-dive meetings


The course ‘Facilitation (Deep Dive)’ is an expert course for anyone leading or designing productive activities in team or customer environments, such as project workshops, learning sprints, ideation or prototyping sessions, hacks, jams or training courses. In this workshop, we provide you with the skills to optimize your collaborations successfully. Our experts help you enhance the skills and resources of your workgroup to make progress and succeed.


After completing the course, learners will be able to

  • Understand different co-creation preferences, and how they can be used to run and design sessions which engage everyone and produce real value
  • Lead many types of co-creative workshops, meetings and work groups
  • Adjust their facilitation style (and workshops) to meet different needs
  • Deal with challenging participants in a productive way

Who is this course for?

Any professional facilitating workshops, meetings, training courses, events, or project sessions – not only in design thinking or service design projects – whether online or offline.



German, English ...

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