Effective meetings activate, utilize and consolidate the participants’ and business resources.

In an environment with a high level of responsibility, managers and professional experts make decisions that are profound and far-reaching. Given the fast pace and the increasing internal and external business demands, the largest time- and energy-saving potential lies in conducting effective meetings. Whether you lead meetings or ‘just’ participate in them, you always have the responsibility of shaping goal-oriented interactions. Natural business solutions has designed an effective meetings course to teach professionals how to make their meetings more effective.

Course outline

What’s covered

  • Reflections on the impact of your person, appearance and message
  • Boosting the participation of all stakeholders
  • Expressing your core message clearly and unequivocally
  • Decision-promoting and efficient reasoning
  • Identifying and avoiding meeting obstacles in advance
  • Organizing post-meeting activities
  • Ensuring the accountability of participants and results through effective follow-up procedures


No matter what position you occupy within your organization, you always deserve the opportunity of becoming a productive and active contributor. The course ‘Effective Meetings’ provides strategies and practical exercises that will enable you to (co-)design a professional meeting format. Our professional experts guide you to reflect upon your own attitude and communication style in interactions and increase your impact in your meetings. You will learn how to speak up politely, deal with interruptions and strategically place your point-of-view. Also, you will be trained to formulate core statements to make your message clear, distinct and unambiguous.


After completing this course, learners will be able to

  • Recognize the different kinds of meetings to run and the appropriate methodology to achieve the goals defined
  • Set their own goals and create meeting agendas and arrangements
  • Select the best visual techniques for clear presentations (also digitally)
  • Involve participants in meaningful and goal-oriented collaborations
  • Support disciplined and professional meetings
  • Establish the necessary rules for productive meetings
  • Contribute/lead to productive meeting dynamics

Who is this course for?

This course is for

  • Anyone who has to attend or run meetings of any kind
  • Anyone who wants to increase participation and satisfaction in their meetings
  • Anyone who never wants to run another pointless or unproductive meeting again





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