Book us when you dare. Let us challenge your sales power!

A proven track record of customer sales experience and expert knowledge of your portfolio has definitely put your name on the market. It is time to accept the last challenge! In a realistic simulation, you as the sales rep meet us in the pre-defined customer role. After the simulation, we deliver our encompassing insights on the basis of our observations and offer clear feedback in terms of sales arguments and strategy, verbal and non-verbal presence, true customer understanding, and conversational agility. Natural business solutions GmbH empowers the salespeople of today and tomorrow, with our challenging sales training. Our experts will challenge you even more in how to gain commitment by closely evaluating buyer perspectives throughout the entire sales process.

Course outline

What’s covered

  • Simulation of selected sales talk with our trainer
  • Reflection and analysis of personal sales competency and performance
  • In-depth analysis of stakeholders: persona, motifs, needs concerning communication, status, and arguments
  • Communication techniques and strategies for advanced sales talks
  • Customer value proposition: resilience test
  • Sales and completion strategy


The ‘Successful Sales (Deep Dive)’ course by Natural business solutions GmbH enables you to maximize your sales performance and apply advanced sales and communication techniques to influence your customers’ buying decisions


By the end of the course, you will have taken your advanced sales performance to the next level. Your awareness of customer needs will be sharpened; you will be able to communicate and react in a more agile and customized manner. Your connections with your clients will reach a deeper, more meaningful level, and you’ll have a proven track record of more successful sales activities.

Who is this course for?

This course is for:

  • Professionals aiming to grow their business and increase the sales revenue
  • Entrepreneurs and employees who want to become great communicators and want to be able to connect with their clients or prospects
  • Experienced sales representatives who are looking for the next sales challenge



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