Learn to take the heat off in critical situations.

Disagreements, discussions and differences in opinion derail when negotiations do not take place or are conducted unprofessionally. Parties then engage less with each other, the distance between them grows, the cordial tonality changes to the point of heated disputes or the silent treatment.

Escalations often have too high a price for the involved parties, for the project, for the cooperation. Those who understand the motifs of their opponents, even the hidden ones, will be able to act more effectively and avoid unnecessary damage to the project, business and to the business relationship. The de-escalation course of Natural business solutions enables you to take the heat off in a critical situation and manage conflicts effectively.

Course outline

What’s covered

  • The price to pay of escalations
  • Benefits of successful de-escalation
  • Identifying the motifs, emotional and communication needs of your conversational partner
  • Communication techniques for effective mitigation
  • Reshaping and deepening business relationships
  • Techniques for calming others and oneself
  • Using the appropriate body language, tone and formulations to de-escalate the situation


This conflict management and de-escalation program is designed for individuals and professionals who frequently face highly charged situations. It is based on the development of respectful, thoughtful, and strategic interactions between individuals and groups. It has been designed and delivered by our experts with extensive experience in negotiations, conflict management and de-escalations. The course will walk you through the core principles of group dynamics, conversational patterns and techniques for conflict resolution. In the end, creating a ‘win-win situation’ for all involved within the specific leeway of your business is our common aim.


This course helps the learners to

  • Be aware of conflict triggers – both their own and others’
  • Effectively use defusing techniques
  • Understand the dynamics of escalation and de-escalation
  • Deal with negative behavior without taking it personally
  • Be persuasive and use influence to win people over
  • Listen and empathize with the other party to resolve conflict situations
  • Create and maintain a social/ conversational framework in every interaction

Who is this course for?

Professionals, individuals, managers, leaders, frontline staff, customer service agents and any client service professional who aspires to apply conflict management and de-escalation techniques more frequently and more effectively.



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