Cross-cultural awareness makes your international presentations effective!

Within the global business environment, understanding and coping with cultural differences is crucial to ensure that your interpersonal communication is successful. After all, project management is people management! One area within the business environment in which cultural awareness is a necessity is in the business presentation.

Presentations can be tricky when you need to present in front of international audience, cross-cultural communication can be a minefield, and a mix of the two – giving presentations to a cross-cultural audience can be challenging for you. Gestures, facial expressions, how arguments are formulated, media, humor or drama: many aspects of presentation techniques are influenced by the presenter’s cultural background, be it the national, regional culture or other subcultures like corporate culture. Natural business solutions GmbH has designed a cross-cultural presentation training course to help you tackle your specific speaker challenges.

Course outline

What’s covered

  • Know the parameters of a traditional presentation
  • Better understanding about the requirements and expectations of an English-speaking, international audience
  • Structural, layout and content modifications to conduct effective cross-cultural presentations
  • Transformation of speaker in his/her international speaker avatar


In cross-cultural presentation training, we coach groups or individuals, help you reflect on your own presentation style and learn to perceive it from the point of view of your specific target audiences. You will also experience presentation examples that are appreciated internationally. This will allow you to expand your presentation portfolio and to present more effectively to your customers, colleagues and partners with different cultural backgrounds.


After completing the course, learners will

  • Understand the influence of cultural values and attitudes on behavior, presentation and communication styles
  • Reflect on their own culture and presentation style and be aware of different perspectives
  • Be able to present confidently in front of an international audience
  • Know different presentation types / styles and employ them for specific target groups and situations
  • Adapt the structure and the rhetorics of the presentation to the audience and therefore communicate more successfully and effectively
  • Present their key messages more clearly to international clients, colleagues and suppliers
  • Be able to identify critical elements of their presentation and communicate them culturally sensitive
  • Understand which information and competencies are important to present in an intercultural setting
  • Understand which information and competencies are important to reach their presentation goals in an intercultural context
  • Prevent intercultural conflicts and misunderstandings

Who is this course for?

Anyone looking to improve their intercultural competence – you might be a professional extending your project to overseas, a manager leading a global team or a salesperson, motivated to fully understand their global target audience.





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