Next to your business acumen, driving the communication is the second success factor for effective business interactions.

In the workplace, communication is an important tool to inform, drive change and motivate the team. Luckily, shaping the conversation is a skill you can learn. Deciding to champion an important initiative, a great cause, or a new idea is only half the battle. To get results, you need to inspire other people to act. All it takes is shape fulfilling and goal-oriented talks and lead people to commitment.

Shaping and steering the talk is a duty any committed meeting participant should undertake regardless of their position in that meeting. The basis is having clarity about your own speaker’s impact, and then, from there, you can increase the effect of your message on the other participants.

Course outline

What’s covered

  • Foundation of successful interaction: listening and interlinking
  • Role of communication driver
  • Attitude and values of a communication driver
  • Self-reflection on your own communication style
  • Techniques for more true understanding
  • Techniques for more structure and clarity
  • Techniques for more structure on message, sentence and word level


In this ‘Communication Driver’ course, you will get to know diverse communication structures, procedures and techniques to create productive interactions with internal and external customers and partners. You will discover the importance of connecting with your conversational partners, train methods and models to improve the interaction with them and steer the information flow better. You will also explore how to conduct difficult conversations and learn how to facilitate when misunderstandings or other gaps in the communication occur. Our experts will train you in conversational skills as well as challenge your mindset. After all, we believe you can act as a communication driver from all hierarchical positions.


By the end of the course, you will understand how to report and present information tailored to the needs of all participants, engage each and one of them by clearly and concisely using a variety of formats and models that deliver credible, compelling and engaging communications.

Who is this course for?

This course is for:

  • Middle management: managers – supervisors – team leaders
  • Employees who aspire to a management position
  • Managers in training
  • Any professional in a leadership position who needs/wants a refresher on communication driving and making it productive



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