Awaken your international avatar and succeed in the global workplace!

Today’s global workforce makes it more important than ever for employees to understand subtle cultural nuances. Along with this, the need for effective, progressive diplomatic relations with people of various countries has become important to achieve your desired goals. This can be achieved by becoming an international avatar.

The impact of your own natural being ideally changes when you move in a foreign language. The personal authenticity is non-negotiable. Still, there are verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal elements to be trained, stretched and altered. In the ‘Awakening your International Avatar’ course, our experts at Natural business solutions GmbH train you to thrive in the international workplace.

Course outline

What’s covered

  • Awareness of your own and culturally trained habits and practices
  • Analysis of the peculiar linguistic and intercultural requirements of your chosen target language
  • Creating your authentic, international avatar
  • Consistency in verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal appearance in the target language
  • International body language
  • Training to stretch yourself
  • Notion of punctuality
  • International mindset training
  • International standard of business relationship
  • Focus and commitment to international rules


Learn international standard workplace etiquette and become an international avatar with our experts’ guidance and mindset training. It helps you realize your own cultural nature and stretch your skills and talents to let the international avatar in you be influential. Enhances your verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal authenticity.


After completing the course, learners will be able to

  • Identify, understand and use intercultural barriers as an opportunity
  • Critically reflect on their own perceptions and compare them with international perceptions (stereotype)
  • Deepen their knowledge and understanding of international etiquette and business culture
  • Optimize communication with international colleagues, employees and business partners
  • Be more authentic in the global work environment

Who is this course for?

Anyone looking to improve their intercultural competence – you might be a professional extending your project to overseas, a manager leading a global team or a salesperson, motivated to fully understand their global target audience.



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