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  • The quality of business interactions could be substantially increased, if the conversational partners do not only apply and share their business acumen, but design the...

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  •   An indicator of ineffective communication is the frequency a speaker needs to repeat him/herself. Do we really know our conversational partners? Do we actually...

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  • Meaningful meetings: In an environment with a high level of responsibility, managers and professional experts make decisions that are profound and far-reaching. You are...

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  • The moderator is a dialog designer and aims at creating an effective and productive interaction. Proper time management, exemplary communication and rules of conduct, a...

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  • Simplifying information, adding missing facts and revealing correlations is an indispensable resource in complex meetings and interactions, especially when partners have...

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  • Feedback is an essential instrument for professional and organisational growth. Easily trained, strongly effective!   Feedback is the growth instrument that helps your...

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  • Appropriate and respectful communication Tact is the ability to communicate sincerely in a way that considers other people's feelings and reactions. Mastery of tactful...

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