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  •   An indicator of ineffective communication is the frequency a speaker needs to repeat him/herself. Do we really know our conversational partners? Do we actually...

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  • Customer-oriented communication: Do we truly understand what our customer wants, or do we define that for them? When does our customer really feel understood? Get...

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  • Understanding meets delivery While sitting with the customer, the ‘old school’ consultant tells him what he needs. The modern consultant explores true needs,...

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  • Unfolding your persuasive power in 5 phases Persuasive communication aims at sustainably influencing your team, the client, the stakeholder and changing their thoughts...

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  • Top sales performance is based on 4 success factors: the presence and performance of the salesperson, the establishment of the customer relationship, the appealing and...

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  • Final polish for sales experts A proven track record of customer sales experience and expert knowledge of your portfolio has definitely put your name on the market. It...

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  • Appropriate and respectful communication Tact is the ability to communicate sincerely in a way that considers other people's feelings and reactions. Mastery of tactful...

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  • Intended, implied and experienced politeness A polite and appropriate appearance in your own cultural and linguistic environment is easy to control and assess. This...

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