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  • We are all wired differently and give and receive information in different ways: our preference in terms of structure, level of detail, storytelling, etc. are quite personal.

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  • Do we truly understand what our customer wants, or do we define that for them? When does our customer really feel understood? Effective customer communication is essential

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  • Persuasive communication aims at sustainably influencing your team, clients, stakeholders and changing their thoughts and actions. The process towards persuasion is an

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  • The ‘Successful Sales (Basic)’ course of Natural business solutions will help you to clearly communicate your sales message, structure the sales talk towards that goal,

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  • High-performing salespeople build relationships that lead to deals. In the Deep-Dive Sales Training courses of Natural business solutions, you will boost your communication

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  • Tact is the ability to communicate sincerely in a way that considers other people’s feelings and reactions. Mastery of tactful language ranges from the appropriate use

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  • A polite and appropriate demeanor in your own cultural and linguistic environment is easy to control and assess. This intended politeness can quickly disappear in an intercultural

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  • This conflict management, and de-escalation program is designed for individuals and professionals who frequently face highly charged situations. It has been designed and

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