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  • We are all wired differently and give and receive information in different ways: our preference in terms of structure, level of detail, storytelling, etc. are quite personal. These differences in communication make business interactions challenging and demanding. To be an effective communicator, you have to tailor your content and delivery to the needs of your recipients. Our experts train you to customize your communication according to people’s personalities their specific communication needs and also their respective cultural background.

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  • A conversation with one good communication driver is laid out for success; when at least one more communication driver steps in, it is bound to be fun, too! Designing the dialogue already starts with defining and aligning the goals and determining the depth and length of the contributions. Allowing all voices to speak up and share their intentions and ideas is another pivotal part of the talk’s success. The toolset of a communication driver is versatile and will be provided to you in a structured and practical way by our experts at Natural business solutions GmbH.

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  • Persuasive communication aims at sustainably influencing your team, clients, stakeholders and changing their thoughts and actions. The process towards persuasion is an iterative, 5-phase model, which encompasses: identification, customization, qualification, activation, and clarification. Each phase requires business acumen, strategic profiling of your target audience, an agile communication style and the attitude of a communication driver. More importantly you will learn strategies for evaluating your own organization’s efforts at developing more persuasive messaging strategies

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  • Tact is the ability to communicate sincerely in a way that considers other people’s feelings and reactions. Mastery of tactful language ranges from the appropriate use of minimizers and embedded context to saving one’s own and other people’s face while not answering a question directly. Natural business solutions GmbH has designed this tactful language course to allow you to act appropriately at all times, communicate politely and diplomatically and build sustainable business relationships!

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  • This conflict management, and de-escalation program is designed for individuals and professionals who frequently face highly charged situations. It has been designed and delivered by our experts with extensive experience in negotiations, conflict management and de-escalations. The course will walk you through the core principles of group dynamics, conversational patterns and techniques for conflict resolution. This helps to create a ‘win-win situation’ for all involved.

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