Meaningful meetings:

In an environment with a high level of responsibility, managers and professional experts make decisions that are profound and far-reaching. You are part of such a team and would like expand the reach of your expertise.
Your voice deserves to be heard. More frequently and more loudly.
With the techniques and insights from this workshop, you will be able to increase your impact in upcoming meetings. Your message is worth it! You will reflect your own attitude and communication style in interactions and increase your impact in your meetings. You will recognize the requirements and needs of your target groups and will accordingly and authentically adapt your own communication style to those motifs. Lastly, the core statements in your messages are formulated clearly, distinctly and unambiguously.


Goals and content

  • Moderator or participant: impact of your person and message
  • Boosting the participation of all stakeholders
  • Expressing your core message clearly and unequivocally
  • Decision-promoting and efficient reasoning


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On-site customized

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